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Bonafide Volume eyelash with eyelash brush


Natural set look

Au Naturel

Enhance your natural beauty with our classic Au Naturel look, adding length and subtle volume for a timeless, everyday look.

Full Set • $100
Refill • $80
60 mins
hybrid set look


Achieve the best of both worlds with hybrids. Blending elements of both classic and volume techniques for a natural yet voluminous finish.

Full Set • $100
Refill • $85
60 - 90 mins


Let our skilled technicians craft a unique style that's tailored just for you. Elevate your lash game and express your individuality like never before.

Full Set$99 • $125
Refill • $90
2 - 3 hrs
Bonafide volume set look


Transform your eyes with volume and class, Bonafide Volume uses multiple lightweight extensions to create a fuller, more dramatic effect.

Full Set • $100 · $150
Refill • $100
2 - 3 hrs
XXL Mega set look

XXL Mega

Experience the ultimate in dramatic glamour with our XXL Mega, offering maximum volume and length for a truly show-stopping look.

Full Set • $100 · $220
Refill • $150
2 - 3 hrs
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